Who We Are

HeyGenius works by enabling local independent shops and businesses to show information, products and services they have for sale in your town in one place. HeyGenius aims to encourage you to go into town and use the shops and businesses nearby. But sometimes you do not have time, or cannot do so. Which is why we made HeyGenius!

HeyGenius has been driven by customers who want to make shopping locally easier online, but we also know that the independent shops and businesses in your town, love to see and meet customers. This means that we are happy if you just want to browse, and save a shopping list and then decide to take a trip into the market later.

Our mission is to create a non-competitive environment for small and startup businesses to grow and do business anywhere without the need of having any technical background, having to pay a high upfront cost, or pay a crazy price for marketing without knowing where the money is getting spent.

Why Us?

HeyGenius is about supporting your local, independent shops – to spend money in your local community and benefit your local businesses.  HeyGenius disrupts the world owned by big manufacturers and overseas brands by providing you with all the products and lovely independent shops in your area in one place – a one-stop-local shop!

By shopping local you support your local economy, local shops of all kinds and local jobs, preserving your area’s unique character, supporting innovation, local suppliers and saving our history.