How to Claim Revenue from GiftCards?

To support our startups, incubators and bigger companies have the ability to buy gift cards and gift it to others as a form of motivation to increase your sales.

However, since they are gift cards, they in nature act as coupons and take off from the total the client has to pay. This means that you may see a lesser revenue on the order made using gift card.

Simply every time that you get an order that used a gift card, create a support ticket with us, and we will add the missing revenue to your account. As you will never and should never lose any money for customers using gift cards. To create a ticket, please log in to your seller account, and go to “Ticket Support” > “All Tickets” and click on “Add New” at the top right corner. Make sure to include the order number and the amount deducted to the support ticket that you are making so we can process it as soon as possible.


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