How to Refund a Product/Service?

Requesting a refund

Step 1: Customer makes the request– vendor negotiation

The customer can start negotiation for a refund from the Store Support or product inquiry, order note or directly contact the vendor via other means (email. phone etc.).

The customer must provide the order number. If the order has multiple items and the customer only needs one product or one type of product refunded, they must include those details.

Step 2: Sending a request to HeyGenius

After the vendor agrees with the customer that they are eligible, the vendor will create a refund request from the seller dashboard against the order.

To do this, navigate to Vendor Dashboard->Orders.

Click on the order which you want to refund. Then click on Request Refund.

The vendor will enter all details here, which include Quantity, Total, Refund amount, and Reason for refund.

After filling in the required details, click on Submit Refund Request.

The vendor can change the Order Status to Refunded from the drop-down.

Vendors can also Add Note(s) to the order for reference.

The vendor will then Submit Refund Request.

How do I know if my refund request is complete?

From your Vendor Dashboard, navigate to the order, click on the details and look for order status updates like this.

For partially refunded requests, the order status will remain completed.

For fully refunded orders, the status will change to Refunded.


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