How to Setup Store Shipping?

  1. When logged in, head to the settings page, and click on “Shipping” from the side menu.
  2. We offer two different types of shipping styles. Our OLD STYLE, and NEW STYLE.


  1. Click here to go to the old style.
  2. Enable this shipping style.
  3. Set a base shipping fee.
  4. Set a per product additional fee.
  5. Set your processing time.
  6. It is important to have a shipping policy and refund policy.
  7. Let your clients know where you are shipping from.
  8. Finally, set up a cost per country.


1. In the shipping page, click on “Click here to add Shipping Policies” and add your processing time, shipping policy, and refund policy. This is very important to have!

2. We have gone ahead and set three different zones for you: Canada, USA, and the rest of the world. Simply click on the zones you want to offer your products to.

4. On the new page, you can either limit your zone and by clicking on “Add Shipping Method” add a new method.

5. You have three options as your shipping method. “Flat Rate”, “Local Pickup”, or “Free Shipping”

5a. Flat Rates

Each Shipping Zone can have different(and multiple) Flat Rates if you wish.

  1. To make changes to a shipping method, you need to click Edit or add new.
  2. Change the Title if you want to or keep it as default. This title displays to customers at checkout.
  3. Next add the Cost (this is applied to the entire cart).
  4. Select its Tax Status (define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount). Typically it is taxable.
  5. You can also type a Description for this method if you prefer.
  6. Click on Save Settings.

5b. Local Pickup

In Local Pickup, customers can pick up the order themselves from a designated location.

  1. To make changes, hover over the shipping method and click on Edit.
  2. Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout – some shops change the title to Local Delivery, for example.
  3. Enter Cost – Cost for the option is applied to the entire cart.
  4. Select Tax Status. Then click on Save Changes.

5c. Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $100.

  1. Enter a Title that displays to customers in checkout.
  2. Enter a Minimum Order Amount (if applicable).
  3. Click on Save changes.

6. Finally, go into each product and configure the shipping for each product.

  1. Navigate to Store→Vendor Dashboard→Products.
  2. Select the product you want to add shipping class to by hovering on the product name and click on Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the section that reads Shipping and Tax.
  1. First, enable the checkbox “This Product Requires Shipping”.
  2. Next, input the details as required for weight, length, width and height.
  3. Now select the shipping class you want to apply to this product from the drop-down.
  4. Select Tax Status and Tax Class.
  5. Click on Save Product.
  6. Note: Each product can have one shipping class.

Cart View

The rule is if the Flat Rate and Shipping Class rate both are defined, then both will apply when the customer is checking out.

For example, if you have set Flat Rate at $10, and Precious Items Shipping Class Cost at $10*[qty], and your customer select 1 gold bracelet, then your shipping cost will be $10+$10*[1] = $20.

Note: You must set the shipping class for this particular product from Vendor Dashboard→Products→Edit→Shipping and Tax so it works.


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